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Ti-Max is produced from pure titanium for maximumbiocompatibility; this retainer is flattened for patientcomfort while providing sufficient space for improveddental hygiene by the patient and the dentalprofessional. The surface of the retainer is processed formaximum adhesion to orthodontic adhesives thatminimizes the chance of band failure. The material isdesgined to form easily to the morphology of theenamel (tooth) whilst remaining passive and producingno spring action which would result in the unwantedmovement of teeth. The passive behaviour of theretainer remains even if it is accidentaly debondedwhich again means no undersirable movement of theteeth.

The Ti-Max titanium Lingual retainer features:

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Maximum bond reliability to the enamel surface
  • Maximum biocompatibility
  • Maximum formability to enamel topography
  • Maximum material passivity design to avoidunwanted tooth movement
  • Maximum improvement in dental hygiene
  • Maximum long-term cost benefit.

Titanium Lingual Retainer (Ti-Max)

Product range


Pk10 EA
55X1.2MM FLAT Retainers 101-3878 101-2668
2X TI FLAT Retainers   101-2366

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