About OSL

Orthodontic Supplies is the sales outlet for Orthodontic products by a leading UK based manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being able to offer high end products at competitive prices allowing our customers to pass on the benefits of a clinically efficient product to the patient, creating lasting smiles coupled with what are often revealed to be high savings. There are a number of advantages to dealing with us, the main benefits of those being:

Direct Manufacturing

Direct manufacturing by an ISO 13485:2012 certified and CE approved manufacturer gives immediate and noticeable reduction in cost of products when compared to other companies that operate on a distributor basis. This is because we don't have to buy-in products to then sell on to the customer. Reduced risk of potential "back-order"

Significantly reduced risk of potential "back-order" scenario achieved through our direct link with themanufacturer rather than having to rely on delivery from a third party.


We are UK based and recently established a branch India after USA in order to make fast delivery of our products to all parts of our great country, even offering a same-day service for emergencies.


Our commitment to you is backed-up by our efficient and dedicated Customer Services Team. In addition you will have your own dedicated Account Manager who will deal with all of your requirements.


Orthodontic Supplies is able to offer discount even to customers who prefer not to buy products on a 'bulkorder' basis through our unique Practice Management Service.


Bespoke product manufacturing available as a result of direct links with the manufacturer - tell us what you want and if we don't have it we can make it for you.


We are able to administer our own tight controls over quality and performance of the products which is a huge advantage over any distributor operating today.

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